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FAQ About Hatchet Bamboo and Wooden Sunglasses

Welcome to the FAQ of Hatchet Eyewear and thank you for joining our Q&A session today. If you have a Q that is missing an A let us know via email at We answer even the strangest Q's with an A.

Q: What are the materials you use?

A: We use various woods from all over the world. We use Bamboo, Zebrawood, Duwood, and Black Walnut. We do offer two different Bamboo options. We off a dark stained bamboo and a natural bamboo. With out Zebrawood, Duwood, and Black Walnut pairs we do only a clear coating to protect from water and sweat. We do this to ensure we don't discolor the wood. We also we a clear coating on our Natural Bamboo styles.

Q: What is the coolest thing about your wood frames?

A: Handsdown one of the coolest things about the wooden and bamboo sunglasses that we make over here at Hatchet Eyewear is that they all float. That means that if you are on the lake, in theocean, in the pool, etc your glasses will float if they fall off your face. This makes for easy retrieval and safe sunglasses.

Q: When do orders ship?

A: Order usually ship in 24-48 hours. If an item is currently out of stock or we are awaiting a new shipment we will reach out to you via email as soon as possible.

Q: Which payment methods can I use?

A: You can use Visa, Mastercard, Amercian Express, Discover and Paypal, you can even mail us a check, but don't send cash... or else the mailmans gonna steal your money.

Q: How many styles and designs do you feature?

A: We currently offer 5 wood options and 4 different styles if you do the math that's 5x4=20 different options! We are always working on new designs... Do you have a one you want us to make? Email it to us and we might just make it. Our styles are named the Engineer for the thinker, the Understudy for the studier, the Santa Cruz for the cities and the Vancouver for obvious reasons. Each of these sunglasses styles is different, but they all hold true to vintage designs that are timeless unlike that olive green turtle neck your uncle Chuck gave you.

Q: Do you have Polarized lenses? 

A: We do and we won't make you a pay extra to get them. They come standard in all of our wood sunglasses. Why even offer lenses that aren't polarized, we only offer the best. Our polarized lenses are like looking through a majestic telescope of wonder. But, in all seriousness, polarized lenses reduce the glare of the sun and are better for the health of your eyes and these wooden sunglasses are of the highest quality so why would we even think of loading them with faulty lenses.

Q: What kind of hinges do you use?

A:  We provide comfy, sturdy spring hinges on all of our glasses to ensure a perfect fit for your face that will keep your sunglasses on tight while you are... hiking, kayaking, biking, skating, snowboarding, rock climbing, parasailing and sitting on the beach. This list is not exclusive nor exhaustive.

Q: Why do you make glasses out of wood?

A: Because wood is sustainable and easily renewed. For example, our bamboo sunglasses. A single bamboo plant grows enough in a day to make a pair of bamboo or wooden framed sunglasses! Pretty rad. All of our wood sunglasses are grown on tree farms so we aren't cutting down rain forests to shade your eyes.

Q: How does your 30 day guarantee work?

A: When you get your Hatchets in the mail, if they are broken, defective, or just the wrong pair, just send us a quick email and let us know. We will then give you return instructions and we will send out a new pair at our expense... (cause we were the ones who messed up!)

Q: Why can't you guys give a lifetime warrantly on my sunglasses against breaking?

A: Wood is strong... but not that strong. Some of the known things that can break Hatchet wood sunglasses are: stepping on them, sitting on them, rolling over on them, falling off a cliff, throwing them into a running blender, getting punched, getting hit with a basketball, a violent game of tennis... you get the point.

In short, if you treat your Hatchets nice, you will be able to pass them down to your grandkids.. but, most people live life, so their Hatchets are in constant peril.

Q: What do I do if I have problems with my order?

A: If you have problems with your order, please contact us first thing at Then we can help you get your questions and concerns resolved quickly.

Q: Is your site secure?

A: Yes. Our site is hosted on secure servers, and the checkout process is encrypted for your protection. Nobodies gonna get your info from our site.

Q: How can I get in touch with you if I have a question?

A: Please see the Contact Us page for information on getting in touch with us. You can email us at

Q: I am cool, will you sponsor me?

A: It all depends HOW cool you are. Email us some specs to prove it. The list can include information such as. Consecutive time using the internet, the amount of McDoubles eaten in one sitting, how many otter pops you ate that one summer. Anything really.