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What Hatchet Eyewear Wood Sunglasses is Listening to: Death Cab For Cutie

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In wake of the news that Chris Walla has left DCFC we have started listening to a lot of Death Cab here at Hatchet Eyewear. We have seen Death Cab live and have enjoyed their music for a long while. It is sad to see Chris going, but I can see why. He seems like a chill guy who is really into music producing. Since Death Cab has so much touring, writing, and recording to do it doesn't leave him a lot of time to work in production. In fact he produced SSLYBY, our spotlight from last weeks album. 

We are listening to varieties of Death Cab, and Ben Gibbard songs in general. A lot of Transatlanticism and Plans but also older stuff tooo like We Have the Facts and we are Voting Yes among other albums. It is hard to say good by to Chris, but we still have a good band. We have been listening to Ben's last solo album, which has been great as well. We definitely recommend that you listen to some Death Cab in the near future to remember Chris. Also listen to his solo album, Field Manual. It was released maybe 6 years ago and it is pretty good as well. 

We will miss you Chris. Thanks for all you did. Contact us and you can produce the Hatchet Eyewear wood sunglasses mix tape of me singing into a bull horn while a table saw is turned on. It is pretty sweet!

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