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Product Spotlight: Bamboo Tube Case for Wooden Sunglasses

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Wood Sunglasses

We know that nobody wants to sit on their wood sunglasses in the car. We understand that is difficult when your car is full of Mcdonalds take out bags and empty cans of corn (I am not judging) and you don't know exactly where your sunglasses are. So we have provided a solution by bringing in a bamboo tube for your wood sunglasses. But, remember this tube serves dual purposes. It is not all about holding your sunglasses. This tube for your bamboo sunglasses can also be your carrier for various treats and trinkets. 

You can carry Skittles and Slim Jims or healthier options like grapes and apple juice. I hope you can tell that I am joking about this. Our wooden eyewear is a perfect fit for this tube. So get the wood sunglasses in the tube. Get your shades in the tube. Did you hear it? Get your shades in the tube. 

Check out this picture:

Wood sunglasses in a bamboo tube.

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