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A Poem: Consumers

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A poem:

If a tree falls in a forests and nobody can hear it

What happens to the sound, if it might not exist

People looks at clothes and that fashion might no fit

But look and not doing, make opportunities missed

Ten dollar ticket, twenty dollars popcorn treat

Movie sucks and you just want to go away

But you can cause the floor gave you sticky feet

The sadness that you swiped your card and pay

Should have left to Greece, Cambodia, or Peru

But you spent all your cash on movie screens

There really is nothing left for you to do

You might be missing out on what life means

Remember, life is not just about consuming. You need to experience life too. Hatchet Eyewear believes our sunglasses are a precursor to an adventure, not pure consumption. Go out and experience the world. Don't spend your life binge watching Netflix or sitting around. Our wood sunglasses are more than that.

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