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Hatchet Eyewear in Cambodia: Fanta

  Fanta is your friend!   We have been thinking a lot about Fanta these days. The reason for this is we have been drinking a ton of it. I mean a ton. Well at least one of us. One of the members of the Hatchet Eyewear team, the one writing this blog post right now, me has [...]

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Hatchet History Class #2 Oreos in Milk

(Contest Details at the Bottom)    I don't know about you guys but we at Hatchet Eyewear have always been fans of the Oreo. We think they are delicious cookies that go well in milk. We wanted to go over a history of Oreos with you today and see what you can't learn aboutthese delectable sandwich cookies.   In [...]

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Hatchet Learning Time: The Attack of Bamboo

I am sure you are just dying to know about this attack of bamboo. What is the deal with how popular this stuff has become lately? Why is everybody making stuff out of bamboo? Bamboo sheets, bamboo flooring, bamboo cutting boards, bamboo fighting sticks, bamboo sunglasses... There has got to be some reason for it [...]

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Panda Bear Meme

Hatchet Eyewear loves panda bears and think they are just the cutest. We saw this meme online and loved it. Now, here's the deal. Pandas have plenty of bamboo it grows like your dads facial hair, an inch a day.After being inspired by the baby panda meme we made one of our own. I think [...]

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Hatchet History Class #1: Jones Soda Co.

Today in our news we will be having a history lesson. Don't worry this history is pertinent to you at this time. Not only is this history, but it is history in the making and you have a chance to be a part of it.  Jones Soda Co. is a seller of gourmet soda in 12oz [...]

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Hatchet's Listening to: The Killers: Runaways

Today Hatchet Eyewear is listening to Runaway by The Killers.   Check it out, I am sure you have heard it.!

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