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Band Of Horses: the Great Salt Lake and the Funeral

Last summer the Hatchet Eyewear team headed to Pioneer Park in Salt Lake for a performance by Band of Horses at the Twilight Concert series that is hosted each year. Band of Horses came out and straight tore it up, and it was awesome. The team will often debate which song they played that night [...]

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Coconut Records: West Coast

Hey All. Today while thinking about you guys I was listening to some of my jamz that I hadn't listened to in a whilte and I cam across this beaut. Coconut Records- West Coast. I can honestly say I have listened to this song 500+ times and I can still put it on and just [...]

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Hatchet Eyewears Beginnings

About Hatchet Eyewear Wooden Sunglasses: Hatchet Eyewear is a wood sunglasses company that was started in 2011 by entrepreneur Spencer Perkins. Though Hatchet Eyewear was formally started in the latter part of 2011 the idea for environmentally friendly wooden sunglasses had been floating around in Perkins head for almost a year. You see, Spencer wears glasses [...]

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Fan Mail

This is an email that we received from a satisfied customer. They asked if we would post this to the blog. We read it and knew that it was golden. Thanks for being a proud owner of some Hatchets.Hey Hatchet GuysIt was like I was in a time machine or something, but one minute I [...]

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What a Logo?

What is the big deals about logos anyways? The reason we ask this is because we have undergone some logo changes of our own. If you have been looking at the site you will notice the lack of our signature 'crossed hatchets.' You haven't been seeing them around anymore because we have taken a step [...]

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It is Official, Hatchet Eyewear Wooden Sunglasses has found it...

It has become official. Hatchet Eyewear has changed the world, well sorta. Right now, I (the blog writer for am sitting in a guesthouse lobby in Luang Prabang, Laos. If you didn't know Laos is a small country in south east Asia that is located below China and borders Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. The [...]

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Hatchet History Class #3: Ways Wood Changed the World

I think some people don't think about wood as much as the people here at Hatchet Eyewear, and can you blame us? We are a wooden sunglasses company for heavens sake, there is no real reason why were wouldn't be fixated with wood and it's place in history. If you just look at historical events [...]

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Pain and Agony and Hatchet

Hatchet Eyewear all started with pain and agony. Hatchet Eyewear started out being hand made by the owner. It was a small operation and the sunglasses were great. Then one day while doing some wood work the owner and operator/ soul employee ran his hand through a table saw and his hand was thrashed. His [...]

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Explore the World

When we at Hatchet Eyewear are looking to do something different with our sunglasses we need only look at far as the woods. Here at Hatchet Eyewear our goal is to sell the most unique wooden sunglasses on the planet. In order to do that we must always be on the look out for something [...]

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Famous People Wearing Hatchet Eyewear

Recently we here at Hatchet Eyewear have noticed that it is a thing if famous people are wearing your sunglasses and we decided to compile a list of famous people wearing our sunglasses and sharing their story with each of you. Now, just so you know, this may or may not be real. Here we have [...]

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