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Wood Eyewear and Wood Glasses

By: Spencer Perkins Here at Hatchet Eyewear we have been making wooden sunglasses for the past couple of years and have loved the experience. Since we started making wood sunglasses we have continually wondered, is there more to be made? We tossed around ideas and thoughts and wanted to keep our option open to making other [...]

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Wooden Sunglasses Made From Popsicle Sticks

By: Spencer Perkins If you are reading this it means you have probably bought a pair of Hatchet Eyewear or are contemplating buying a pair out our fancy wooden sunglasses. Thanks for hopping on the blog to give it a read. Today we are going to look at the possibility of makings some Hatchet Eyewear wood [...]

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Hatchet Eyewear and your Ears are in Love

By: Spencer Perkins  Tell me if this has anything to do with Hatchet Eyewear; I don't think it does. This is information for your ears, and a little bit your foot; if you decided to tap it just a little bit. Well, I might take my first sentence back, this may have everything to do with [...]

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Bamboo Sunglasses from Hatchet Eyewear: Are Those Considered Wooden?

The people here at Hatchet Eyewear will often get the questions, "So are bamboo sunglasses wooden sunglasses, because I thought that bamboo wasn't a wood." The reason we get asked this question often is because we often clump the items that Hatchet Eyewear produces into one common group, Wooden Sunglasses. This makes sense for those [...]

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Wholesale Wood Sunglasses from Hatchet Eyewear

Become a Hatchet Eyewear Wholesale Wood Sunglasses Dealer today!With the Holidays coming up it is a prime time to develop a wholesale partnership with Hatchet Eyewear. When it comes to setting up a wholesale account with our wooden sunglasses it is a very simple process. All you need to do is email us with a [...]

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We have a winner

Does it feel good to win? Our three winners for the Iphone cases are as follows... First Place: Anderson Ford Second Place: Carter Wells and Third Place: Markus Bakuhatsu San Green. Congratulations for all the winners!!! We have sent each of you info about your win. Confirm with us that you know you won. Thanks [...]

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Lazerwood Wood Iphone Case Giveaway...

  LAZERWOOD INDUSTRIES WOOD IPHONE COVER GIVEAWAY     We here at Hatchet Eyewear are completely enamored with wood. I guess it isn’t hard to see that, being we make sunglasses out of natural, beautiful wood ourselves. But it is more than just loving wooden sunglasses. We also love the other awesome products that people are using wood for. [...]

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Summers Almost Gone

Now that the summer is coming to an end we here at Hatchet Eyewear want to thank all of those wonderful people, you know who you are, that purchased a pair of sunglasses from us. Because of this group of people Hatchet Eyewear is continuing to expand and to grow. We are moving forward and [...]

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Doritos Locos Tacos

We are loving these Doritos Locos Tacos, we are definitely craving them really bad. We have been in Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam over the past 3 months and are dying to get our hands on some delicious Doritos Locos Tacos. It might seem strange that we are craving something as inconsequential as these cheesy [...]

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Never Got Box Office Love: Stranger Than Fiction

We here at Hatchet Eyewear have a list of favorite movies, some you might expect while others you maybe surprised. One of our favorite movies here at Hatchet Eyewear also happens to have not gotten too much love at the box office. This movie is Stranger than Fiction. This movie has a star studded ensemble-esque cast [...]

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