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Hatchet Eyewear vs. Crappy Wood Sunglasses Companies

We understand that there are literally hundreds of wood sunglasses companies around now. Something that started organically and fresh has become something of a cesspool. The wood sunglasses market has gone down hill fast. When we started Hatchet Eyewear 3 years ago our focus was to offer awesome wood sunglasses for a good price and always ship them to [...]

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Bamboo Sunglasses

Bamboo SunglassesThere are literally thousands of different sunglasses on the market, but none of them compare to hand crafted bamboo sunglasses. We believe that sustainable style and luxury are possible, and that is why we have created wood sunglasses that not only look great on you but also protect your eyesight from damaged caused by the sun. No matter [...]

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Wood Sunglasses Article Written About Hatchet Eyewear

Wooden sunglasses strive to balance function, aesthetics and the environment. Wooden eyewear is eco-friendly and encompasses a certain unique element that is not found in the standard plastic pair of plastic or metal sunglasses. Wooden sunglasses are founded in an innovative and creative thought process, and a unique take on the design and appearance of sunglasses. Wood eyewear is not [...]

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Cheap wood sunglasses...what does that mean?

What is your first thought when you hear the word cheap? Please choose from the following list:grossdirtyworthlessgreasyunappetizingwaste of moneywaste of energyfor poor peoplenot for meyuckNow you might be one of the few people in the world that do not have a negative connotation tied to the word 'cheap' and if that is the case bravo [...]

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Memes: Hatchet Eyewear Wood Sunglasses

Memes.... so funny, sometimes. We have compiled a few memes here that we though you, our customers might enjoy. Check them out. First we have an adorable baby panda. No worries buddy Bamboo grows upwards of a foot a day. You won't be goinghungry anytime soon. Don't look so sad!She is crying for good reason. We [...]

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New Styles: Wooden Sunglasses

Yesterday we posted about our newest wooden sunglasses. Today we will post about our newest wood for wooden sunglasses. We are introducing a brown bamboo wood into our lineup. This is pretty sweet. You get all of the durability of bamboo, with a rich brown color that offers you the look of a different wood. [...]

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Welcome Helsinki!

It is high time we introduced a new style to the Hatchet Eyewear lineup. It seems fitting that our newest style would be name Helsinki because of the 2 years my Dad spent living in Finlind in his early 20's back in the seventies. He has told me stories about the mysterious land of Finland [...]

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Tell Me About Wood: Palm

Aloha oi, Aloha oi, etc. etc. We have all heard it before and the reason I lead with that is that we will be talking about Palm wood today. Palm wood is a beautiful wood that isn't quite hard, but isn't quite soft. It classifies in the same family as bamboo, and corn. Just because it [...]

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Historical Beginning of Hatchet Eyewear

Hatchet Eyewear was born in a single instant. The owner, Spencer Perkins was playing a game of pick up basketball when all at once his hand eye coordination failed him. A basketball bounced off the glass of the backboard and catapulted into his face, breaking his glasses. There was no going back after that moment. [...]

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Winner of the Wooden CDock has been Chosen!

By: Spencer Perkins We have a winner of our previous giveaway, the CDOCK! Before we mention winners we would like to thank everyone who entered and who likes us on Facebook, follows us on Twitter, and shared the giveaway for more chances to win. This was an awesome giveaway for some awesome shwag! Now that it [...]

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