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A Poem: Consumers

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A poem:

If a tree falls in a forests and nobody can hear it

What happens to the sound, if it might not exist

People looks at clothes and that fashion might no fit

But look and not doing, make opportunities missed

Ten dollar ticket, twenty dollars popcorn treat

Movie sucks and you just want to go away

But you can cause the floor gave you sticky feet

The sadness that you swiped your card and pay

Should have left to Greece, Cambodia, or Peru

But you spent all your cash on movie screens

There really is nothing left for you to do

You might be missing out on what life means

Remember, life is not just about consuming. You need to experience life too. Hatchet Eyewear believes our sunglasses are a precursor to an adventure, not pure consumption. Go out and experience the world. Don't spend your life binge watching Netflix or sitting around. Our wood sunglasses are more than that.

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Product Announcement: Bringing Back the Engineer Wood Sunglasses

WOODEN SUNGLASSES Now everyone, just calm down. We know you are suuuper excited, as are we. We will be bringing back the Engineer in two different woods later this month for those of you that want some more. We have been hearing from you guys for a few months about the desire for the Engineer to [...]

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Product Spotlight: Bamboo Tube Case for Wooden Sunglasses

Wood Sunglasses We know that nobody wants to sit on their wood sunglasses in the car. We understand that is difficult when your car is full of Mcdonalds take out bags and empty cans of corn (I am not judging) and you don't know exactly where your sunglasses are. So we have provided a solution by [...]

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Product Spotlight: Walnut Whistler Wood Sunglasses

Wooden Sunglasses The newest style created at Hatchet Eyewear is the Whistler. The Whistler has a square frame and is incredibly sophisticated. The way the Whistler came to be was a desire to increase our line into a more sophisticated realm. It seems to have worked. Although it is a new style it has quickly become [...]

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What Hatchet Eyewear Wood Sunglasses is Listening to: Passion Pit

We have been listening to a lot of Passion Pit here at Hatchet Eyewear. The electronic beats and high pitch singing gets us going, ya know? You can check out what we are listening to... just good 'Passion Pit' and check it out. Now get your hands on a pair of wooden sunglasses from Hatchet Eyewear and [...]

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What Hatchet Eyewear Wood Sunglasses is Listening to: Death Cab For Cutie

In wake of the news that Chris Walla has left DCFC we have started listening to a lot of Death Cab here at Hatchet Eyewear. We have seen Death Cab live and have enjoyed their music for a long while. It is sad to see Chris going, but I can see why. He seems like [...]

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What Hatchet Eyewear is Listening to: Someone Still Loves you Boris Yeltsin

We have been listening to a lot of SSLYBY in the office lately, and can you blame us? Just check "Sink/Let it Sway" on Youtube:, hopefully everyone else reading this is going to be listening to Someone Still Loves you Boris Yeltsin. We love their upbeat and airy guitar paired with the high range [...]

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Introducing 2 New Hatchet Eyewear Wooden Sunglasses/Glasses Styles

Hey All,It has been a while since we gave you a super dope update on Hatchet Eyewear. Things continue to roll along steadily and life is good. I have taken a trip to South Korea in the mean time, and thought I would hook you all up with some news.This fall we are adding two [...]

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Hatchet Eyewear: Sharing Wooden Sunglasses with the World One Pair at a Time

Here at Hatchet Eyewear we are working hard to bring all people of all nations beautifully handcrafted wooden sunglasses. We believe every pair of eyes that wants a pair of Hatchet Eyewear deserves a pair of Hatchet Eyewear. Our friends at Kickstarter are backing our efforts in internationalizing Hatchet Eyewear’s wooden sunglasses.CHECK IT OUT!So far about 150+ citizens [...]

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Wooden Sunglasses Iphone Photo Shoot

Today we took a few handy pictures with one of our iphones. We pulled together some of our sweetest vintage looking stuff and put the shoot together. We grabbed some mounted deer antlers that had been our Grandpas, a couple old Coleman lamps, some old books, a sweet mug from Field and Stream and two [...]

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